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We are currently offering three different programs.  The animals used in these programs do vary slightly depending upon the time of the year and the availability.  The information given below represents what would normally be available throughout the year.

BIRDS OF PREY – Four live birds of prey are presented in this program.  They include a hawk, (usually a red-tailed hawk or Harris hawk), a turkey vulture, a large owl, and a falcon.  Each one of these birds has its own unique adaptations for survival.  We discuss the importance if these birds in the balance of nature, and how man has helped to restore endangered species such as the peregrine falcon.  A flight demonstration is given with either a hawk or an owl.  We show the audience how an owl swallows a rodent in one whole piece, which leads to a discussion of owl pellets.  We walk through the audience with the birds so that everyone can get a close look and feel the wind from their wings.

REPTILES – Some adults are a little queasy about reptiles, but the students love them.  Exposing young people to reptiles with an explanation of their importance in nature is a great way to avoid fears and misconceptions later in life.  We usually bring a large snapping turtle, an alligator, a legless lizard, and of course lots of snakes.  Some student participation is involved in holding some of the snakes.  The amazing and varied adaptations of our reptiles makes for a lively and educational program.

WORLD OF ANIMALS – This is a program that includes a combination of the animals listed above.  It also includes new animals that we are using that don’t fit into any of the previously mentioned programs.  This program is most often the one that we give in schools since it includes a little bit of everything.